Well a true retrofited headlight assembly is when you take a headlight assembly and fit proper HID/LED projector in standard headlight. By that you get a proper cutoff and a legal LED beam pattern.

You will get a proper high beam if you use a bixenon projector as well, which is achieved by moving an internal solenoid that removes the piece of metal that creates the sharp cutoff.

If you buy the cheap aftermarket projectors, We can almost promise you that youll see practically nothing at night thanks to plastic projector bowls and cheap design and hid kits.

LED Projector retrofitting requires you to provide a set of headlights for us to complete the final product or we can supply you in set of new headlights for project at additional cost.


BI LED Projector retrofitting allows us to convert your current headlights with the best available technology. This highly specialized service we offer involves installing LED projectors into reflector-based headlights, or if the car already comes with projectors, we  replace them with ones of better quality and performance bi led projectors. This allows the customer    to obtain the absolute best performance available on the market without any compromises. These conversions are hand built by our team on a per order basis so you can count on the attention to detail and high levels of quality.


Due to current MOT regulations which do not allow to convert standard headlights to HID headlights, our basic upgrade is by fitting BI LED projectors in place of vehicle current low beam reflector/projector, dual beam reflector(uses H4 bulb).

Price for basic upgrade of headlights supplied to us by fitting BI LED projectors starts at £380 per set of 2 headlights.

NOTE: Price may vary on permasealed headlights.


We can paint any pieces of your headlights. Painting can customize and totaly change the look of your headlight conversion. We offer a wide wariety of different paint colours and options. All pieces are properly prepered before painting. A primer is using before the base coat and a clear coat may be use for high quality results. We only use high quality automotive primers, base coats and clear coats.

Price for painting starts at £80 for single colour. On Halogen type headlights Available only with our basic upgrade.

Angel eyes

Angel eyes  are mostly circural shaped rings  that when light up give the agresive look to your car.They can be of diferent colour. White is the most comon colour,but blue, amber and  red are also available. We use only the best and brightest angel eyes in led technology.

Other LED and custom aplications

With custom headlight upgrades there is no things impossible. As far as shape of headlights will allow us we can make your drems come through and give you the most unique headlights you could think of.